West Aerial View

Located at the intersection of I-25 and C-470, the Meridian International Business Center is comprised of 1,630 acres of commercially zoned land on the edge of Denver’s southeast business corridor. Shea’s thoughtful development of Meridian has included practical investments in sustainable infrastructure and years of strategic land planning.







In partnership with Douglas County, CDOT, RTD, and local utilities at Meridian, Shea is able to offer a single-source development process that assures a swift plan approval. Presently, Meridian is home to four of Colorado’s five largest companies, a testament to the high-caliber District’s world-class potential.

The next node to brighten along RTD’s southeast line, Shea Properties will embark on creating the mixed-use Meridian Station station development ideal for corporate campus creation, mixed-use, commercial office, and residential developments of virtually any size or complexity.