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Founded in 1881, and now in the 4th generation of private ownership, Shea began as a small plumbing company. Today, Shea represents a family of industry-leading companies including one of the nation’s largest civil construction contractors, a renowned homebuilder, a venture capital division, and a commercial development & management arm, among others. Linking these interests is a resolute commitment to honesty, integrity, teamwork, and competitive spirit that unites the global enterprise’s many talented professionals.

Founded in 1881, Shea is still privately owned by the 4th generation of the Shea Family.

Shea Properties develops legacy assets that provide reoccurring cash flow through high-quality, well-maintained, stabilized properties. The foundation of our ability to succinctly analyze challenges and opportunities in pursuit of Getting it Right lies in the merger of two unique companies.

A 1997 business acquisition included more than 22,000 acres of land in Highlands Ranch and established a strong Colorado presence. A 2006 acquisition added the Denver Tech Center and Meridian International Business Center, both well-regarded business parks along the Denver South corridor. Combining these assets was significant, but it was in unifying the acumen of both firms’ senior leadership that Shea struck gold. Our people make our projects, and these are some of our best. 


Founded in 1962 on 40 acres, DTC has long been among Denver’s strongest economies. During the 1970s and 80s office, residential, retail, hotels, and infrastructure were added with the ambition of creating a true live/work ecosphere. 

DTC has since grown to be a 908-acre, high-tech, city-within-a-city featuring nearly 15 million square feet of developed assets and more than 1,000 companies employing a workforce of 35,000. Strategically developed residential, hotels, and retail will continue to be integrated.  







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Highlands Ranch was established in 1978 twelve miles south of Denver, master-planned with streets, schools, town facilities, and recreation. In 1997, Shea acquired The Mission Viejo Company and Highlands Ranch’s remaining undeveloped property. Among other home builders, Shea Homes developed single-family housing, while Shea Properties developed over 500,000 square feet of retail including 5 grocery-anchored shopping centers. 

We have since made civic, recreational, and open space improvements while attracting top-tier office tenants like Lucent, Visa USA, and Avaya. Today, a population of 100,000 is served by an amenity-rich profile of dining, entertainment, recreation, and retail connected by walk/bike pathways. We continue developing forward-thinking mixed-use investments across a wide profile of uses.

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A great Colorado crossroads, Meridian International Business Center, was purchased by the DTC Ownership team in 1984; a year before C-470 bisected I-25. Acquired in anticipation of Colorado’s 21st-century live/work/play lifestyle, just as C-470 came to fruition, Meridian’s centerpiece golf course opened, and everything blossomed. By 2000, Meridian had expanded to 1,630 acres and more than 3 million square feet of space had been developed. Today, Meridian is home to four of Colorado’s largest companies.  

Shea Properties’ single-source development process is unencumbered. Strong relationships with Douglas County and stakeholders combine with exceptional financial backing to facilitate autonomy.

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What's Next

In development, dexterity is fundamental to sustained success. Shea Properties is engaged in a diverse array of land planning and vertical building projects for many combinations of office, multi-family residential, retail, and entertainment to be managed as reoccurring revenue. Common among them all, our commitment to the communities we are developing for and an insistence on top quality in everything we do.

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CoBANK World Headquarters

Aircraft Hangar (Phantom)

Centennial Airport Hangar

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DCSD Legacy Campus


The Quincy


Shea Center


Highlands Ranch Town Center


Apex Meridian


Monaco Row


Lucent Blvd


Shea Properties prioritizes community success in all that we do. We value collaboration and commitment and will always strive to do the right thing. We invite investors to explore land-use objectives and workforce lifestyle expectations to define ideal sites and solutions. Flexibility to accommodate single- or multi-tenant investments; scalability to position assets in anticipation of future growth; and the ability to downsize without losing equity make Shea Properties an unbeatable partner at Colorado’s intersection of innovation and opportunity.

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